Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I can't believe it! This is the only picture I have of Easter Sunday. I actually brought my camera to church, thinking someone there could take a picture of all of us all pretty, because I knew when we got home, most of us would be OUT of those clothes and into comfy ones. Well, no picture was taken at church:( And sure enough, not many stayed in church clothes once we got home. HOWEVER, I DID make these homemade yeast rolls which were SO yummy and pretty that I HAD to take a picture! Happy Easter!

Doing Kristie's hair

Kenzi wanted to fix Kristie's hair. Kristie sat on a stool while Kenzi stood and brushed and brushed and brushed.Too cute!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our sweet neighbors, the Vighs, host an Easter Egg Hunt every year in their backyard. We never know what the weather will be! We have hunted for eggs in two feet of snow, beautiful sunny days and this year, it was in the MUD! One of the big kids was running to find eggs and fell and slid half way down the backyard!

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Our friend organized an Easter Egg Hunt at her house, hoping for a beautiful sunny day. All we have had is rain, so we had to have it at the church. Still fun!

Modest Prom

Every year our church has a Modest Prom for ages 16 and up. Kristie went over to one of the Young Women leaders' homes to get ready with friends and have dinner. Elizabeth did Kristie's hair for her:) They all looked so pretty!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kenzi and Addie

Kenzi and Addie, Addie and Kenzi, inseparable buddies:)